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Are you looking for a Trusted Partner for Digital Marketing?

Do you have the Support of a Trusted Partner for Digital Marketing If you are like many small business owners, sitting at your Ipad or Laptop to work on the blog, or social media to promote your business is probably the last thing on your mind while you are busy taking care of your customer needs. Unless you have a resource who understands and is capable of handling these tasks consistently on a daily basis, your brand presence online is going to suffer. It is challenging to keep up with everything you have to do to: keep your rankings on [...]

Make Mobile Experience a Brand Builder for your Business

Mobile users are not ready to accept less-than-great browsing experience, while they are in a hurry to make a purchase or trying to find a place near by or even when they are researching on a topic, product or service. If your website is not loading instantly on mobile, you have lost a potential customer. According to Google Research data, these mobile moments do matter. They make or break the brand experience for buyers.  When a shopper has a great brand experience on their mobile phones, there is more likely-hood of them coming back and shopping on your website again. [...]

Are you a Sophisticated Marketer?

Who is a Sophisticated Marketer? Someone who understands the fundamental, unchanging principles of marketing but has absolute confidence in applying these principles to new technologies & platforms.  Hungry to learn new skills & equally committed to testing the effectiveness, optimizing around what works Demand for robust data & ROI Recognize Social Media & Content Marketing as threads that run throughout the integrated marketing strategies that are fundamental to the task of building brand and a growing business They use hybrid marketing strategies to reach their goals, learning new skills along the way LinkedIn Marketing According to a Research released by [...]

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Reaching Today’s Automotive Shopper – Google Partners Connect August 15, 2018

Automotive Shopping Trends Today's auto consumers are Curious, Demanding & Impatient. There are 2X as many test drives on YouTube as there are on dealership sites.  As an auto dealership owner, or marketer you have to make sure shoppers have seamless experience: By focusing on shopper intent By Measuring the impact of your ads By Aligning your message There are multiple metrics to consider lead conversion, in addition to form submissions Phone Calls VDP Page Views Time on Site Chat or Text Messages Schedule Test Drive Location Get Directions According to recent research, only 26% of people who have purchased [...]

New Research Data Uncovers Unique Opportunities for Mobile Apps

Research shows 92% of smartphone users actively use Mobile apps. Mobile Apps have become an integral part of people's daily routines in personal & professional life. Well thought out and done right, advertising through mobile apps can be successful both at reaching decision makers and at driving desired positive action.   Two insights marketers will likely find quite surprising. First, the research uncovered that, because people consider smartphones an extension of themselves and apps are used throughout the day, apps reach broad audiences at times when other marketing channels can’t, creating unique reach opportunities. Second, the most recent research uncovered [...]

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Google Introduces Simpler Brands & Solutions

Google is introducing simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. In this blog, the company's talks about why these new brands will help advertisers and publishers of all sizes choose the right solutions for their businesses. These solutions allow marketers to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and improve consumer experience with online shopping.  Few key changes happening with the new solutions: Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads Stronger collaboration with Google Marketing Platform Google Ad Manager: A unified platform Transparency and controls people can trust Read the complete article If you [...]

Google Speed Update Rolled out for All users Can Affect Page Ranking

Google Speed Update - Why Now? User experience while browsing will make or break your marketing campaign, depending on how fast your website loads especially on mobile browsers. If page takes too long, user is going to leave the site and continue looking for other options. Google has been educating marketers to broadly think about performance of the website that affects user's experience, regardless of the technology used, and to take action to make necessary improvements to the site.  As of 7/9/18, the "Google Speed Update" is rolled out for all users. This update will only affect the pages that [...]

Retail Marketing Strategies – Google Partners Connect June 20, 2018

Retail Shopping Trends Today's consumer behavior & how they interact with retailers has changed dramatically due to growth in connectivity. Digital shoppers are expected to represent over 1.8 billion of the global population.  The retail landscape has changed but the importance of the holiday season remains constant. To win, brands must meet today’s curious, demanding and impatient consumers with consistent, seamless and assistive experiences. Shoppers are open to buying from new retailers, as long as they are finding what they are looking for in the moment. So, it is imperative for retailers to adopt to this trend and not just [...]

Build Local Presence Online – Google Partners Connect May 2, 2018

Local Search Trends There are billions of local searches happening on Google every day. In honor of National Small Business week, we co-hosted this live stream event with Google, where we show how businesses can get in front of customers in their areas and share best practices for using Google My Business features, among other online marketing strategies. Mobile is a game changer in digital, more specifically in local landscape. Consumers opt to search on their mobile device in their moment of need and 30% of these mobile searches are related to a location. Building a local presence for your [...]

Google Partners Connect co-hosted by WSI Plano on March 13, 2018

Video Matters! Most powerful digital marketing strategy to capture and engage people & drive action. With Videos you can tell compelling stories that people can relate to & drive real business results. Watch this Video to learn about Video Marketing strategies & tools for your business. Feel free to reach out to us at 972-635-3550 or Email, if you have questions about Mobile Marketing strategies for your business.