Introduction to Marketing Automation – Free Webinar

Happy New Year 2017 to You & Yours! We Wish you a Successful & Prosperous 2017 in your Professional & Personal lives. Few Weeks ago, we shared best practices of Marketing Automation. Hope you had a chance to review the topic. We are continuing to stay on the topic, until we equip you with all the information to help you get a better understanding of Marketing automation. REGISTER TODAY - Free Webinar on Introduction to Marketing Automation Marketing Automation gives your marketing and sales teams the insights they need to focus on the prospects that matter most – helping them shorten [...]

Be Inspired for 2017!

Hello, I would like to Wish All my Wonderful followers, friends, & clients Very Happy Holidays & An Amazing 2017 with lot of Wonderful things in store in Your Personal & Professional lives! This is a season to be inspired for the coming new year and make plans to make a difference in the lives of those that we touch. I would like to share this video with inspiring quotes from leaders all around the world, that share with us words of wisdom to innovate, achieve, empathize, stay hopeful & be successful. Enjoy!

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Why do you need a CRM?

Overview CRM (Customers-Relations-Management) sounds like a big term, but in reality it is an essential and beneficial component for businesses in all sizes, that manage a customer database in some form. Businesses that leverage CRM systems to manage their customer relations and sales process, have an edge over those that haven't adopted a system in their sales process. What is a CRM? CRM is a system that you can implement in your business to streamline sales and marketing functions, to help your sales and marketing resources perform their tasks efficiently. If you are a start up company, you may not [...]

Free Copy of eBook – Email Marketing: Evolving In A Social World

In the previous post we shared tips to improve ROI on your Email Marketing Campaign. Now, you are ready to dive deep into: setting a goal for your campaign, develop a sound inbound marketing strategy to share content with your target market via email & implement the strategy into an efficient email marketing campaign We have put-together the eBook "EMAIL MARKETING: EVOLVING IN A SOCIAL WORLD"  to walk-you-through this process. DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK TODAY                               If you are interested in a complimentary consultation to discuss email [...]

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Digital Marketing Mix for Your Business

In this extremely noisy & competitive digital marketing space, businesses are having difficulty navigating and cutting through the noise , to build a strong online presence. There are overwhelming number of choices for businesses to consider, before putting a digital marketing plan together. This is not a trivial task. Industry data analysis, competitive analysis, target market analysis, & many more research tasks to be completed before narrowing down the platforms to focus on to reach the target audience and build engagement. We have put together this video to simplify this task of planning and learn how to achieve the best [...]

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The Future of SEO

With constant changes to Google's Search Algorithm, marketers are stumbling in their SEO efforts and failing to get results. With this challenge on hand, there is also never ending conversation about whether  SEO is Dead or Alive and if it's really worth investing resources into SEO efforts at all. This Infographic will help you understand the future of SEO and make your decision on whether SEO is dead or alive! Get in Touch with us if you you need more information about this topic.

Is your wordpress site well managed?

Wordpress has become a popular CMS platform  in small business community. With easy-to-use CMS, businesses tend to overlook periodic cleanup a wordpress website needs, to keep the website light, free of unused modules & secure. It is a best practice to periodically check the admin dashboard and pay attention to warnings & upgrade notifications. Do not ignore these notifications. Keeping up with Wordpress Software versions and plug-in updates is critical for the health of your website. If you have not done the cleanup in a while, here is a handy checklist for you to run through sooner, than later. [...]

Wish You Very Happy Holiday Season

We are coming to end of the year saying Good Bye to 2015 and Welcoming 2016! Hope you have had Happy and Prosperous Year 2015 in your Personal and Professional life. We Wish you & your loved ones Very Happy Holiday Season and Happy & Prosperous New Year 2016! Our Greetings to You!

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How Blogging can help your business?

Blogging is another way of engaging your social media-savvy followers in a conversation, regarding a topic of common interest. This is also an effective way to build links to your website, if your blog is not hosted on the same domain as your website. If your blog is hosted on your website, it is even better. Now, blogging few times in a month, you are generating fresh content on your website. With blog posts, you can share useful information regarding your products and services, and other resources which can be beneficial to your customers and prospects. With this approach, you [...]