Achieving Excellence in eCommerce

eCommerce feature on business websites has become a necessity for many businesses. There are savvy online shoppers that need solution to fulfill their on-the-go shopping needs. eCommerce feature also helps many businesses to streamline their operations, without having to use up human resources in accepting and processing payments over the phone. If done right, transactions happen seamlessly on the website and funds deposited to bank account! Whether you have a simple eCommerce task such as event registration or product downloads, or a full-blown online store to buy products and services, easy-to-navigate online store and checkout option is critical to convert [...]

Why is it Vital To Have Mobile Friendly eCommerce Website?

Shoppers looking for best mobile experience Thanks to the continual advancements in technology, eCommerce has been a major part of every retail stores successful. If you did not have an easy to use website for purchases, then you quickly went out of business. While every business knows of the power of e-commerce, they need to start focusing on creating a great mobile friendly e-commerce website. Since smartphones have a smaller screen than laptops, a mobile friendly website is also needed to provide the best shopping experience to the customer. Here are the five best reasons why it is vital to [...]