Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Change – What it means to your brand?

Why Facebook made changes to News Feed? Facebook has been listening to comments and suggestions from users over the past year. There were complaints from users about posts that they don't really care about showing up in their news feed. In order ensure people have better user experience,  Facebook started exploring changes to the algorithm. Main goals driving these changes were to prioritize: posts from people that they care about posts that translate to deeper, meaningful interactions between people posts that reflect more thought and care posts from people in the network On January 11. 2018, Facebook rolled out its [...]

Facebook Apps for your Business

I come across business owners often with questions on how to use Facebook for business. You have a nice Facebook page, but struggling to make it to work for your business? Facebook Apps is one of the great strategies to promote your face book page. You don't have to hire a developer to develop an app for you, unless you need a custom app. There are many apps already out there that might as well fit your needs. What is the need for Apps on Facebook Page? If facebook marketing is your social media marketing strategy, it is important to [...]

Facebook Introduces Custom Audience Feature

If you have a branded Facebook page for your business and you have been actively using it to promote your business, & build brand awareness among your Social Network,  keep reading... Facebook is introducing the new "Custom Audience Feature" to help businesses target their audience better when they advertise on Facebook. You may already be running email campaigns, where you build selective custom lists to target the audience for specific products and services and make it more relevant. Now, Facebook allows you to do the same, & engage your audience more effectively. Learn more about Facebooks's Custom Audience Feature.

Google+ Vs. Facebook

History Facebook has monopolized the social networking world for past several years. MySpace was still popular when Facebook came out in early 2004. Slowly, Facebook took over and currently has approximately 700 million users. Facebook is still evolving in many aspects such as privacy/security, & sharing information. Even with the short comings Facebook has had, it has become very popular because of the features it offers for networking. There was no other social networking platform that even came close to being as popular as Facebook, until Google+ was unveiled recently. Within weeks Google+ has picked up more than 10 million [...]

Social Media Marketing Vs. Social Media Optimization

You are in the time of digital marketing era, where having social media presence for your business is critical. However, if your target market is not yet on the social media platforms to engage in conversations regarding your products and services,what do you do? Benefits of Social Media Before you jump into social media platforms, you have to understand the benefits. With this understanding, you will be able to build a priority list as to what kind of results you would expect from engaging in these social networks. According to companies worldwide using social media, here are the benefits of [...]

Do you need Social Media Strategies for your business?

I come across businesses that are skeptical about how effective social media strategies can be for their business. I understand their dilemma. They don't want to invest their marketing dollars in strategies that are not going to help them extend their target market. If you are business owner or the marketing resource in the business, here are some tips on how to make a decision on whether social media is for you or not. Is Social Media for you? If you answer "YES" to one or more questions below, then if you haven't already it is time for you to [...]

Facebook announces release of “Places” feature

Face book announces the release of highly anticipated location feature, Face book Places. This Face book app allows users to "check in" on their mobile phones to notify their friends about their whereabouts and what they are up to. People who have the Face book app on their phone can use this feature. Currently, it's available on iPhone only and Android and blackberry versions are expected soon. By downloading the latest face book app on their iPhone, users can see the Places option.