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How to Impove Sales using Web Analytics Data

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half" - famous quote by John Wanamaker, "pioneer in marketing". This is true in today's marketing & advertising world, more than ever. If you are spending your marketing dollars on campaigns that are not yielding any return, it is time to step back and analyse your strategy. It is critical to have performance measurement system in place, to make sure marketing strategies align with your goals. Web Analytics data will come in handy to make improvements to your campaign. Once you have goals defined for [...]

Google Releases the New Search Analytics Report

If you manage business websites and track site traffic, this is a great tool to add to your performance measurement tool box! With the new Search Analytics report in Google Webmaster tools, you can make the most of your web traffic analysis. This new tool allows to slice and dice analytics data in many different ways to analyze traffic more precisely. Learn more about the feature on Google Webmaster Central.

eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Measure eCommerce Performance in Google Analytics In my previous post, I shared instructions on setting up Google Analytics Profile for General use on your website. This includes tracking Demograhics data, user behavior , traffic sources, goal conversion (non-ecommerce) & other content related data on the website. Now, if your website supports eCommerce transactions, just content tracking is not enough. Google has tools built into analytics to track eCommerce on your site to a very granular level. If you learn how to read and analyze this data you are in a good place to leverage the reports to optimize your eCommerce [...]

How to Leverage Google Analytics Data for Marketing?

Why do you need Google Analytics? Google Analytics has been around for  while and amazes me to know that majority of SMBs are not leveraging this gold mine of data to optimize their online marketing campaign performance. Some business websites don't even have their website linked to analytics profile, let alone analyzing their website traffic. So, I have made it my mission to educate businesses on how to collect data with Google Analytics tool and use that data to track & optimize their campaign performance. Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic on your website and give you a complete [...]

Google Introduces Universal Analytics

Overview Universal Analytics from Google introduces many useful features into analytics, to help us get a better understanding of user behavior on our website & beyond.Features that were only available to developer community are now released to General Public for more flexibility & better customization. Universal analytics gives is new features with better customization options, simplified feature configuration, custom metrics & multi-platform tracking. With Multi-platform Tracking using measurement protocol Universal Anlytics gives you the great fliexibilty of sending data from any digital device to analytics, so you can collect data from more than just your website. Setting Up Universal Analytics If you already [...]