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Reaching Today’s Automotive Shopper – Google Partners Connect August 15, 2018

Automotive Shopping Trends Today's auto consumers are Curious, Demanding & Impatient. There are 2X as many test drives on YouTube as there are on dealership sites.  As an auto dealership owner, or marketer you have to make sure shoppers have seamless experience: By focusing on shopper intent By Measuring the impact of your ads By Aligning your message There are multiple metrics to consider lead conversion, in addition to form submissions Phone Calls VDP Page Views Time on Site Chat or Text Messages Schedule Test Drive Location Get Directions According to recent research, only 26% of people who have purchased [...]

Google Introduces Simpler Brands & Solutions

Google is introducing simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. In this blog, the company's talks about why these new brands will help advertisers and publishers of all sizes choose the right solutions for their businesses. These solutions allow marketers to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and improve consumer experience with online shopping.  Few key changes happening with the new solutions: Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads Stronger collaboration with Google Marketing Platform Google Ad Manager: A unified platform Transparency and controls people can trust Read the complete article If you [...]

Google Speed Update Rolled out for All users Can Affect Page Ranking

Google Speed Update - Why Now? User experience while browsing will make or break your marketing campaign, depending on how fast your website loads especially on mobile browsers. If page takes too long, user is going to leave the site and continue looking for other options. Google has been educating marketers to broadly think about performance of the website that affects user's experience, regardless of the technology used, and to take action to make necessary improvements to the site.  As of 7/9/18, the "Google Speed Update" is rolled out for all users. This update will only affect the pages that [...]

Google My Business Now Supports Video

You can now showcase your products & services on Google My Business page with Video content. Google has now rolled this feature to everyone. Checkout this article for more information regarding this feature & leverage for content marketing. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS NOW OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS VIDEO Contact us for help or with question on this topic.

Chrome will Display Security Warnings on HTTP Sites from October 17, 2017

What is Safe Browsing?  Chrome will Display Security Warnings on HTTP Sites from October 17, 2017. Google has been planning to label http:// websites as non-secure from January 2017 & this is ultimately happening with roll out of Chrome version 62 in October. Google is forcing websites to make website browsing safe for the users, even if websites are not accepting credit card payments and other secure functions on the website. Any data users type, including their name, phone number, email address, etc. needs to be secure and to be protected from being hijacked. This can be ensured by the [...]

Google Partner Connect: Co-Hosted by WSI on August 16th

We partnered with Google to host a free event on August 16th, 2017 on the topic of growing your eCommerce business and strategies surrounding acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. We discussed tips and tricks on finding new leads and making the most of online marketing investment in preparation for the holiday season. Ready to transform your marketing, we are here to help you do just that. If you missed to attend this free event, we got you covered. You can view the recording of this live stream event here. Mark your calendar for our next Google Partner Connect [...]

Why Doorway Pages are Detrimental to your Website Ranking

Google Announced couple of months ago, their continued effort to improve the quality of search for consumers. As a part of this effort, Google is introducing new guidelines for Doorway Pages, pages that are created to rank high for specific search queries. This is in an effort to discourage webmasters from using low quality, duplicate content on the website, just to boost their ranking in search results. Google Doorway Algorithm is officially launched and websites with door way pages are affected significantly with this roll out. This especially affects websites that are using doorway pages, to promote multiple locations for same services, [...]

Google Indexing Tweets for Mobile Search

If you don't have a twitter account for your business & you are still speculating the benefits of using twitter for your business, there is one more reason why you have to get on board soon. Starting from 5/19/15, Google has started indexing tweets to show up in Mobile Search results. If mobile traffic is important to drive foot traffic into your business location, it is time for you to look at Google Analytics data collected for your website, & see how you are doing in mobile space. Be sure to include twitter marketing strategy into your mobile marketing plan, to take [...]

Google algorithms updates and SEO

What the latest Google algorithms mean for SEO and keyword research – and your online marketing strategy   Google is wild about evolution and latest google search algorithm changes might feel a bit like being thrown to the beasts - although they have the deceptively innocuous names of  Penguin, Panda and most recently, Hummingbird. These shifts have altered SEO keyword research and the way companies conduct their online marketing strategies. More specifically, Hummingbird means that strategies must be active and focused on mobile and genuinely good content. The tiniest of birds is the namesake of one massive shift for search [...]

Google Introduces Universal Analytics

Overview Universal Analytics from Google introduces many useful features into analytics, to help us get a better understanding of user behavior on our website & beyond.Features that were only available to developer community are now released to General Public for more flexibility & better customization. Universal analytics gives is new features with better customization options, simplified feature configuration, custom metrics & multi-platform tracking. With Multi-platform Tracking using measurement protocol Universal Anlytics gives you the great fliexibilty of sending data from any digital device to analytics, so you can collect data from more than just your website. Setting Up Universal Analytics If you already [...]