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Tips to Improve Lead Generation with Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising to improve Lead Generation We get it: as a marketing executive, quality lead generation is one of, if not THE most important thing to your business. And without active and engaged customers you can’t survive – let alone drive profits! But as you may have already experienced, setting up a successful digital advertising campaign is easier said than done. In fact, the common challenge we see businesses like yours having is figuring out how to implement an online lead generation strategy that is both fast and efficient in driving new leads and sales to your business. The good [...]

Why you need a Landing Page that Converts

Majority of the Landing Pages online are constructed poorly. Landing pages that don't have clear benefits of the product or service and with no call-to-action elements, often fail. Aligning your landing page design with your digital marketing goal, is critical to the success of your campaign. Well designed page is more likely to convert visitors into leads. Knowing what will attract and persuade a visitor to take the next step will help boost any conversion rate. This short video highlights the starting points and the overall anatomy of having an effective landing page that converts.  Enjoy! Download free eBook "Landing Page Optimization - [...]

Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising

As a business owner, choosing the right digital advertising platform to promote products & services can be a challenging task. Step-by-step process to identify the right target market online, & the relevant online search criteria to capture that market will eliminate the guess work and help you develop a well-defined online marketing plan & achieve your marketing goal. Watch this short video that illustrates 5-step process to increase leads & sales with an effective digital advertising campaign. Contact us to learn more about digital advertising campaign for your business.

Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Internet Marketing is essential to reach your target market online. Whether you have short or long term goal, having a marketing plan in place will get you one step closer to achieving your internet marketing goal. If you are small business owner like many, you are busy juggling tasks through out the date & taking care of your business, & internet marketing plan is the last thing on your mind. However, with increasing competition in local market, you can not afford ignore the necessity of your brand presence in internet marketing space. You are into 2nd quarter of 2016, & still don't have [...]

Why do you need a online marketing plan for 2016?

Time to recap your marketing efforts from 2015 Can’t believe January is almost over. 2016 is off to a flying start! Is your business off to a great start as well? If not, it is not too late to ground yourself & work on a marketing plan with strategies that really work for your business. If YES, GREAT! Congratulations! I still encourage you to read this post. There may be some take-aways for you! If you don’t have a road map for marketing your business to take it to the next level, first place is to start developing a marketing [...]

5 Steps to Securing Top of the Mind Loyalty

In competitive digital marketing space, securing top of mind loyalty with customers can be challenging and seem like a daunting task. Which platform to focus on, how much focus each platform needs, how many fans to acquire on each platform, how to keep fans engage, etc. these are all valid questions that you need to figure out answers for, before implementing your strategy. However, this does not have to be overwhelming. Step-by-step, strategic approach will help you achieve your goal. Most importantly, focus on acquiring quality followers, that you can convert into loyal customers. 100 loyal customers that you can engage [...]

WSI among 20 most Promising Digital Solution Providers of 2015!

As digital marketing solution providers, at WSI our main goal is to help businesses and brands to build, grow and manage strong online presence with state-of-the art digital marketing strategies and solutions. We have been working hard to get better every day to help our customers reach their business goals. Our hard work has been recognized! We are proud to announce that WSI has been named one of the most promising digital solutions provider of 2015!   If we can be of help in your digital marketing efforts, feel free to reach us from our Digital Marketing Website.  

Maximize your Customer Conversion

Now that you are familiar with strategies for brand promotion to attract potential customers, from previous post, it is time to focus on strategies for customer acquisition and customer loyalty. As we all know, digital marketing space is congested with competitors. So, how do you differentiate yourself to acquire those potential customers & keep them coming back for more? As Rasheed Ogurnalu, famous life coach, author/speaker said "Customer conversion is dependent on the right customer conversation". Here are the tools that you can use to start the right customer conversation about your products and services, to cater to your customer needs: Video: “Five Components [...]

Gain Competitive Advantage In Your Industry – Part 2

Continuing our theme of "Gaining Competitive Advantage", we are bringing you next set of resources on the topic. Be sure to download and use it in your own marketing plan, to stack up better against your competitors by building a strong brand presence online. Digital Marketing Video: “5 Steps to Successfully Gaining a Competitive Advantage“ Infographic: “How to Kiss Your Competitive Edge Goodbye” Blog Post: ”3 Ways to Catch Up With Your Competition After You Inevitably Fall Behind“ Cheat Sheet: “The Science Behind Creating Buyers Personas“ If you missed Session #1 of the webinar series on this topic, don't worry, we got you covered. [...]

Gain Competitive Advantage in your Industry

As promised, we are bringing suite of useful digital assets your way every month, that you can leverage to gain competitive advantage for your business. It is not too late to take some time to revisit or put together digital marketing plan for your business in 2015, that can make a significant difference in your marketing ROI, & achieve your goals. Here are the resources for this month: Digital Marketing Video: 6 Essential Elements for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy. Infographic: Digital Stats to Leave You Pondering Podcast: Digital Marketing Strategies with Dan Monaghan eBook: 5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate In addition [...]