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New Research Data Uncovers Unique Opportunities for Mobile Apps

Research shows 92% of smartphone users actively use Mobile apps. Mobile Apps have become an integral part of people's daily routines in personal & professional life. Well thought out and done right, advertising through mobile apps can be successful both at reaching decision makers and at driving desired positive action.   Two insights marketers will likely find quite surprising. First, the research uncovered that, because people consider smartphones an extension of themselves and apps are used throughout the day, apps reach broad audiences at times when other marketing channels can’t, creating unique reach opportunities. Second, the most recent research uncovered [...]

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Tips for Finding Focus in a Mobile World

Are you able to keep up with the changes in the Digital Marketing Space? You can not afford to not keep the focus and stay on top in this competitive market to stay ahead and have a competitive edge! In our previous post, we talked about 7 steps for finding the best Digital Marketing Mix to reach the marketing goal for your business. One of the steps is to find your focus in a Mobile World. Mobile Technology is in the front and center of your Digital Marketing Mix. In order to help you find a solid focus and adopt [...]

Google Indexing Tweets for Mobile Search

If you don't have a twitter account for your business & you are still speculating the benefits of using twitter for your business, there is one more reason why you have to get on board soon. Starting from 5/19/15, Google has started indexing tweets to show up in Mobile Search results. If mobile traffic is important to drive foot traffic into your business location, it is time for you to look at Google Analytics data collected for your website, & see how you are doing in mobile space. Be sure to include twitter marketing strategy into your mobile marketing plan, to take [...]

Google Rolling out Mobile Search Algorithm Changes

As more and more users browse the internet on their mobile devices to look for products & services, Google is trying to make the search results more relevant on mobile devices & wants to make to sure websites that the consumers land on are mobile-friendly or responsive and provide better user experience. In an effort to achieve this goal, Google has announced that significant changes to its search algorithm for mobile search results ranking are on the way. Roll out of these changes will happen over few days, starting from April 21, 2015. These changes will affect mobile searches in all [...]

Mobile marketing today & how businesses are benefitting from this strategy

Mobile marketing today & how businesses are benefitting from this strategy In 2013 the use of mobile devices increased dramatically due to the introduction of smart phones. Increases in mobile internet traffic now means that a good mobile marketing strategy is essential to the success of your business. Mobile marketing is a crucial component of digital marketing as it allows businesses the opportunity to target their audience directly through advertisements and special incentives, as well as offering direct interaction through social media that caters specifically to the needs of your target market and keep your business ahead of competitors. Business [...]

Key Mobile Trends to Watch For in 2014

Mobile Trends Overview Overwhelming population on the internet access the internet only through their mobile devices, according to Forbes Article " Fifty Essential Mobile Marketing Facts". We can not afford to ignore this compelling evidence & to not adopt mobile marketing strategies in our marketing plan to build our credibility in the mobile world. Otherwise, we are going to lose a large group of potential customers to our competition. Learn how to take advantage of the mobile’s popularity and stay ahead of your competition with some great tips to enhance your mobile campaigns. This short video is worth the 2 minutes [...]

Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Design

Why you need your Website to be Mobile-Compatible? It is becoming more and more challenging for businesses to keep with ever changing internet landscape. With Google changing their search guidelines to make the search results better, businesses having hard time keeping up with their website management. Now, with increasing number of users browsing the internet & searching for products & services from mobile devices, it is vital for businesses to have a presence on mobile platforms. This is going to require your website to be Mobile-Compatible. Another thing to worry about in managing their online presence.   Stand-alone Mobile Website or Responsive [...]

Mobile SEO – Optimize Your Mobile Website

Overview As the number of consumers owning smart phone has increased exponentially over the years, volume of searches over mobile internet has grown significantly. It is crucial for businesses to consider SEO in their mobile marketing strategies, to ensure that their web sites are found easily on mobile browsers. There are a number of Mobile Browsers out there and they differ in their supported features. Different mobile Operating Systems support different browsers and some browsers only display mobile websites that are optimized. Refer to this list of Mobile browsers. Mobile SEO Here are some key factors that influence mobile SEO [...]

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Mobile Web Sites OR Mobile Apps?

Overview If you are a business venturing into Mobile Marketing world, choosing between Mobile Web Site and Mobile App is a difficult task, unless you understand the pros and cons of each. With this knowledge you can better evaluate the benefits of the two options and relate them to your business needs. This post will help you in understanding the two options better, so you are better informed when it is time to choose between the two. Mobile Apps Mobile applications are application software developed for hand held devices. These need to be developed using the native code on the [...]

Mobile Marketing Strategies

You have taken the first step into integrating Mobile Marketing Strategy into your business, by investing time in analyzing whether or not Mobile Marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. Based on the analysis, you are convinced that this is the right step and ready to adopt Mobile Marketing into your business marketing plan. Next steps are to define goals for the campaign, research your target market, determine proper channels, and implement the campaign.