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The Future of SEO

With constant changes to Google's Search Algorithm, marketers are stumbling in their SEO efforts and failing to get results. With this challenge on hand, there is also never ending conversation about whether  SEO is Dead or Alive and if it's really worth investing resources into SEO efforts at all. This Infographic will help you understand the future of SEO and make your decision on whether SEO is dead or alive! Get in Touch with us if you you need more information about this topic.

7 Steps for a Successful SEO Campaign

Search team at Google has been fine tuning the search algorithm to make search results more relevant & useful for users. This makes it very important for marketers to keep on top of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts & content marketing strategy. Understanding the factors that really affect search engine rankings and ultimately traffic to your website is crucial to have a successful SEO campaign. This video illustrates 7 steps that you need to include in your SEO strategy and execute them efficiently.

Why Doorway Pages are Detrimental to your Website Ranking

Google Announced couple of months ago, their continued effort to improve the quality of search for consumers. As a part of this effort, Google is introducing new guidelines for Doorway Pages, pages that are created to rank high for specific search queries. This is in an effort to discourage webmasters from using low quality, duplicate content on the website, just to boost their ranking in search results. Google Doorway Algorithm is officially launched and websites with door way pages are affected significantly with this roll out. This especially affects websites that are using doorway pages, to promote multiple locations for same services, [...]

Why your Dallas business needs to pay attention to local search engine optimization?

Why your Dallas business needs to pay attention to local search engine optimization   Making use of local search engine optimization is the only way that you can keep your business in Dallas competitive. Too many companies are still clinging on to the older mentality that traditional, above-the-line advertising is sufficient to keep their client base satisfied. While there are certainly benefits associated with traditional marketing, savvy business owners are responding to the fact that consumers’ needs and attitudes have evolved. In order to reach desirable target audiences, you not only need a solid product and reputation, you also need [...]

WSI AdaptiveSEO

Search Engine Optimization is not what it was 4 years ago. Google Updates Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird have changed the SEO landscape. Content marketing and social signals are integral part to your SEO efforts. This progression in Best Practice SEO method to get on the same page as Google,  we like to call "AdaptiveSEO". Watch this short video to learn about the 5 major components of "AdaptiveSEO" that can help you boost your rankings on Google.     If you like to learn more about how you can adopt "AdaptiveSEO" in your SEO efforts, Register for our upcoming FREE webinar. [...]

Google algorithms updates and SEO

What the latest Google algorithms mean for SEO and keyword research – and your online marketing strategy   Google is wild about evolution and latest google search algorithm changes might feel a bit like being thrown to the beasts - although they have the deceptively innocuous names of  Penguin, Panda and most recently, Hummingbird. These shifts have altered SEO keyword research and the way companies conduct their online marketing strategies. More specifically, Hummingbird means that strategies must be active and focused on mobile and genuinely good content. The tiniest of birds is the namesake of one massive shift for search [...]

How to find Keywords that are Relevant and Effective for Your Business?

Changes to Search Query Data in Google Analytics In my previous post, I shared about what Google's Hummingbird Changes mean for SEO. As we understand, Google's goal behind Hummingbird roll out was to put emphasis on quality of content to improve search experience for Savvy search engine users. If you are used to looking at search query data in Google Analytics, Sorry to inform you that Google has removed this feature from Google Analytics, as a matter of privacy. You no longer can look at the search queries bringing traffic to your website. Google reports this traffic in (not provided) [...]

Google Panda | What is Your SEO 101 plan?

Overview In the previous post we shared with you changes Google has been making to its Search Algorithm that has affected rankings of many business websites. So, it is useful to know how to rectify the ranking situation on Google. You need a solid SEO plan to recover from lost rankings. Why these SEO changes are actually good news As a digital marketing company, we can say that even though Google’s Penguin updates pose a number of challenges, they will benefit clients at the end of the day. There are a number of reasons for this: Keyword stuffing and plagiarizing [...]

Google Panda: a quick overview

Google Panda: a quick overview of what it means When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the changes to Google’s algorithms. Even SEO specialists can have a tough time determining how they’re going to make changes to their clients’ digital marketing strategies in order to achieve (and maintain) top spots in Google’s search results. During March and April 2012, Google made a number of changes that affected search rankings. Panda and Penguin were the latest changes. Here’s a quick overview of what these changes involve: Panda Google’s Panda changes aim to [...]