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Adaptable Digital Marketing for 2016

Are you ready to revamp your marketing and take your business to the next level in the new year 2016? If your answer is yes, then you should be able to adapt to new challenges and technologies that can help you build strong customer base, brand loyalty & win new business. Watch this short video that illustrates the 4 important steps for Adaptable Digital Marketing that you can implement for your business in 2016. Send us your comments and questions regarding this topic on our Digital Marketing Website. Join our mailing list to receive monthly e-newsletters on digital marketing topics.

Why is Social Relationship Management Important for your Brand?

In today's fast paced digital, word-of-mouth marketing is happening in real time, on Facebook , Twitter and other social media platforms. Positive and Negative experience by a customer about a brand, can spread world-wide in matter of seconds. This can make or break a brand. As we all know, negative experience spreads lot faster. So, how can you keep up with digital word-of-mouth, so you can be proactively respond to negative comments, before they can be catastrophic for your brand? What your customers say about your brand is much more important than what you say about your brand. Having a [...]

5 Steps to Securing Top of the Mind Loyalty

In competitive digital marketing space, securing top of mind loyalty with customers can be challenging and seem like a daunting task. Which platform to focus on, how much focus each platform needs, how many fans to acquire on each platform, how to keep fans engage, etc. these are all valid questions that you need to figure out answers for, before implementing your strategy. However, this does not have to be overwhelming. Step-by-step, strategic approach will help you achieve your goal. Most importantly, focus on acquiring quality followers, that you can convert into loyal customers. 100 loyal customers that you can engage [...]

How to Increase your Brand Promotion Online

So, you have great products & services that you offer to customers. Couple of big challenges you have to overcome How to make your customers take a notice of your brand? How to acquire and engage your customers with your brand online? Managing brand reputation online has to be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. This involves listening to your customer conversation online and providing feedback where necessary. This will make you an industry leader and helps build credibility for your business and most importantly for your brand. Here are few digital assets that you can use to [...]

Are you Tweeting for your business?

Twitter has become very powerful social selling tool in past couple of years. There are many useful features twitter has rolled out in past several months for businesses to leverage, to execute effective content marketing campaigns including video and picture content. You can now run promoted twitter campaigns that are syndicated to other platforms beyond twitter. As of this week, twitter has reportedly partnered with Google. What does this mean to those businesses already tweeting? Your tweets will now appear in Google's search results as soon as they are posted! If your tweets are not appearing in those search results, [...]

Using social media marketing to boost your Texas business

Twitter Marketing and Benefits for Your Texas Business Twitter provides a social media marketing medium where users can post concise messages (of up to 140 characters including spaces) and connect with other users around the world. If you want your Texas business to be noticed online then Twitter marketing is the solution. Some of the benefits of using Twitter for marketing include: You can locate and “follow” individuals who have an interest in your type of product or service. You can build a customer base by posting interesting content that can be found by users who are interested in your [...]

How to measure the results of your social media campaign

How to measure the results of your social media campaign The dramatic increase in online traffic of recent years can be directly attributed to the introduction of social media. It therefore stands to reason that social media marketing is a useful and important tool in the digital marketing strategy of any business and it is important to measure the success of these social media campaigns in order to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to measuring your social media success, it is important to have goals. Don’t measure simply because you want metrics, measure to determine what is [...]

Improving Engagement with Social Relationship Management

Social media as a relationship management tool was adopted early on byB2C market. B2B market is however progressing cautiously towards adopting this tool and taking little longer. Trends are moving in positive direction & B2B marketers are finally acknowledging the importance of this tool and realizing its potential in building business relationships. Engaging with your prospects now requires constant listening to take advantage of conversation online. Listening to what customers are saying about your products/services whether it is positive or negative, will help you improve and optimize your marketing further. This will ultimately help in building the kind of brand [...]

Planning your Content Marketing Budget

How businesses should plan their content marketing budget According to Econsultancy’s 2013 Marketing Budgets Report, 71% of businesses planned to increase their digital marketing budgets and more than two-third of the respondents (70%) said their companies would be increasing the amount spent on content marketing. Why is content such a big deal? Digital marketing is constantly changing thanks to the way people use technology, share information and search for information online. Google’s algorithms (which are also continuously updated) mean that high quality content has become more relevant than ever before. In order to determine how you’re going to maximize your [...]

How to make maximize your social media presence?

Word of mouth, street corner gossip and graffiti have been spreading ideas since the beginning of civilization. In the modern day, social media networks have taken over. But the social media universe is noisy! To give you an idea - over 500 million tweets are sent out daily, some 100 hours of video YouTube videos  are uploaded every minute, and some 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every single day. And this, is just a small chunk of the entire cosmos! The underlying message is clear - sharing average pieces of content randomly in the social media world just isn't going to cut it for your [...]