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Advanced Techniques to Optimize Email Marketing

Drip Marketing is a must-have strategy to stay on-top-of-mind of your clients and prospects, even when they are not actively looking for your services. When they are ready, you are right in their inbox to be found. Email marketing has proven to be the most effective drip marketing strategy of all times. Inbound marketing techniques and marketing automation programs have adopted this strategy in their implementation as as one of the most effective ways of connecting with your audience & share dynamic content –regardless of the device they use. The following short video illustrates the best practice techniques and highlights [...]

Tips for Finding Focus in a Mobile World

Are you able to keep up with the changes in the Digital Marketing Space? You can not afford to not keep the focus and stay on top in this competitive market to stay ahead and have a competitive edge! In our previous post, we talked about 7 steps for finding the best Digital Marketing Mix to reach the marketing goal for your business. One of the steps is to find your focus in a Mobile World. Mobile Technology is in the front and center of your Digital Marketing Mix. In order to help you find a solid focus and adopt [...]

Digital Marketing Mix for Your Business

In this extremely noisy & competitive digital marketing space, businesses are having difficulty navigating and cutting through the noise , to build a strong online presence. There are overwhelming number of choices for businesses to consider, before putting a digital marketing plan together. This is not a trivial task. Industry data analysis, competitive analysis, target market analysis, & many more research tasks to be completed before narrowing down the platforms to focus on to reach the target audience and build engagement. We have put together this video to simplify this task of planning and learn how to achieve the best [...]

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The Future of SEO

With constant changes to Google's Search Algorithm, marketers are stumbling in their SEO efforts and failing to get results. With this challenge on hand, there is also never ending conversation about whether  SEO is Dead or Alive and if it's really worth investing resources into SEO efforts at all. This Infographic will help you understand the future of SEO and make your decision on whether SEO is dead or alive! Get in Touch with us if you you need more information about this topic.

7 Steps for a Successful SEO Campaign

Search team at Google has been fine tuning the search algorithm to make search results more relevant & useful for users. This makes it very important for marketers to keep on top of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts & content marketing strategy. Understanding the factors that really affect search engine rankings and ultimately traffic to your website is crucial to have a successful SEO campaign. This video illustrates 7 steps that you need to include in your SEO strategy and execute them efficiently.

Learn to Manage Your WordPress Website

Internet Marketing is essential to reach your target market online. In order to reach new prospective clients, or nurture existing clients, content marketing is an essential tool in your marketing tool box. Content Marketing Strategy implementation starts from your website. It is very important for you to have a Content Management Systems (CMS) that is easy-to-use, so you can keep up with your content marketing goals, whether it is for adding new blog posts, updating pages, adding pictures, etc. Are you ready to become acquainted with the awesome CMS out there, so you can manage your website & perform regular [...]

Why you need a Landing Page that Converts

Majority of the Landing Pages online are constructed poorly. Landing pages that don't have clear benefits of the product or service and with no call-to-action elements, often fail. Aligning your landing page design with your digital marketing goal, is critical to the success of your campaign. Well designed page is more likely to convert visitors into leads. Knowing what will attract and persuade a visitor to take the next step will help boost any conversion rate. This short video highlights the starting points and the overall anatomy of having an effective landing page that converts.  Enjoy! Download free eBook "Landing Page Optimization - [...]

Is your wordpress site well managed?

Wordpress has become a popular CMS platform  in small business community. With easy-to-use CMS, businesses tend to overlook periodic cleanup a wordpress website needs, to keep the website light, free of unused modules & secure. It is a best practice to periodically check the admin dashboard and pay attention to warnings & upgrade notifications. Do not ignore these notifications. Keeping up with Wordpress Software versions and plug-in updates is critical for the health of your website. If you have not done the cleanup in a while, here is a handy checklist for you to run through sooner, than later. [...]

Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising

As a business owner, choosing the right digital advertising platform to promote products & services can be a challenging task. Step-by-step process to identify the right target market online, & the relevant online search criteria to capture that market will eliminate the guess work and help you develop a well-defined online marketing plan & achieve your marketing goal. Watch this short video that illustrates 5-step process to increase leads & sales with an effective digital advertising campaign. Contact us to learn more about digital advertising campaign for your business.

Online Reputation : How it affects your Business?

Checking your reputation online is a major step in your prospective buyer's buying journey. Your online reputation builds credibility & plays a major part in final buying decisions. Online reputation management has to be a part your online marketing strategy. There are various platforms you can utilize to request for reviews from satisfied customers and publish them online, to be visible when prospects search for reviews about your services. Few third party review sites you can utilize are: Thumbtack, Customerlobby, Demandforce,, Trustpilot Industry Specific; Tripadvisor, Opentable, Homeadvisor, Glassdoor. G2 Crowd Yelp, Insiderpages, Facebook Of course, your own website have a [...]