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Website Security – What you need to know?

Websites large & small are hacked and sabotaged  everyday. For businesses, it is very important to understand how websites are hacked. website security options and have necessary safety tools in place to protect against potential attacks and lost business. Take some time to watch this informational video from Sucuri, a provider of Complete Website Security Solutions. , to learn about potential security vulnerabilities and how to safeguard your website: If you need help implementing security tools for your website, fee free to contact us for free evaluation.

Content Marketing – A Recipe for Success – Part 2

In the previous post in the series, I shared the importance of having an effective content marketing strategy to reach your ideal customer online and build credibility. I hope you enjoyed the short video illustrating the same & ready to take the next step and build a content strategy for your business. Challenge most businesses face is the time it takes to generate good content that can really engage prospects and clients with the brand. But, if you invest your time in understanding your ideal customer and their challenges, & have buyer persona, building a content strategy will not be difficult. You have [...]

Content Marketing – A Recipe for Success – Part 1

Having a content strategy for your website and internet marketing is critical to build credibility with your ideal customer online. Having great pieces of content in the form of articles, blogs, eBooks, videos, etc. is a great way to share your expertise and solidify your position as a subject matter expert in your target market. Consumers are looking for information to find answers to their problems and possible solutions, before they choose a solution provider. Without an effective content strategy in place, you lose the opportunity to be a part of different stages of their buying journey. This short video illustrates [...]

Achieving Excellence in eCommerce

eCommerce feature on business websites has become a necessity for many businesses. There are savvy online shoppers that need solution to fulfill their on-the-go shopping needs. eCommerce feature also helps many businesses to streamline their operations, without having to use up human resources in accepting and processing payments over the phone. If done right, transactions happen seamlessly on the website and funds deposited to bank account! Whether you have a simple eCommerce task such as event registration or product downloads, or a full-blown online store to buy products and services, easy-to-navigate online store and checkout option is critical to convert [...]

Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Internet Marketing is essential to reach your target market online. Whether you have short or long term goal, having a marketing plan in place will get you one step closer to achieving your internet marketing goal. If you are small business owner like many, you are busy juggling tasks through out the date & taking care of your business, & internet marketing plan is the last thing on your mind. However, with increasing competition in local market, you can not afford ignore the necessity of your brand presence in internet marketing space. You are into 2nd quarter of 2016, & still don't have [...]

Web Design Best Practices for 2016

Digital Marketing landscape is changing in a overwhelmingly faster pace than ever expected. Keeping pace with trends, rules, technologies & best practices is the driving force behind successful digital marketing campaigns. Visual content on the website plays a a very large role in driving clicks and conversion rates. Graphics, Videos, Infographics are few effective ways to tell compelling stories to engage prospects and clients with your brand. By digging deep into user behavior and how website content is received online, researchers are able to gather useful data to help marketers understand major shift in conventional practices. By gradually adopting to these changes and [...]

7 Steps to Website Success

A responsive website that offers users excellent online experience while browsing from their desktop computer, or ipads and other tablets or mobile phones, contributes significantly to the online success of your business. Website needs to be built with well thought-out design with appealing color scheme, layout & fonts & user-friendly navigation relevant easy-to-read content in order to make the visit worthwhile for a potential customer looking for your products and services and help them in their buying process. Website can become your marketing tool even when you are not working, if you put the time and efforts to build the [...]

Competitive Analysis – Your Roadmap to Online Success

In previous post, we talked about the importance of having a marketing plan for your business, to be successful online in 2016. Gathering competitive intelligence is a major exercise in all the steps. Competitive Analysis allows you to get an in-depth view into online marketing strategies and solutions implemented by your competition in the same target market. You can take advantage of this intelligence data to learn from their strengths and weaknesses. There are 5 key areas that you have to focus on during this competitive analysis process. This short video illustrates these areas and their importance. If you have any [...]

Why do you need a online marketing plan for 2016?

Time to recap your marketing efforts from 2015 Can’t believe January is almost over. 2016 is off to a flying start! Is your business off to a great start as well? If not, it is not too late to ground yourself & work on a marketing plan with strategies that really work for your business. If YES, GREAT! Congratulations! I still encourage you to read this post. There may be some take-aways for you! If you don’t have a road map for marketing your business to take it to the next level, first place is to start developing a marketing [...]

Dynamic Search Ads – Going Beyond Keywords

Keyword Based Google Adwords Campaign If you have Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) as one of your marketing strategies to reach your customers online, you probably are aware of few inconveniences in setting up and managing the campaign: Keyword Research and the tedious process of building keyword list for different ad groups. Often, you may be missing keywords that are relevant to your business Keeping track of long list of keywords and having to monitor the keyword list to manually make adjustments to optimize the campaign as needed Limitation on the length of the headline Lack of dynamic connection between your website content [...]