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Google Introduces Simpler Brands & Solutions

Google is introducing simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. In this blog, the company's talks about why these new brands will help advertisers and publishers of all sizes choose the right solutions for their businesses. These solutions allow marketers to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and improve consumer experience with online shopping.  Few key changes happening with the new solutions: Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads Stronger collaboration with Google Marketing Platform Google Ad Manager: A unified platform Transparency and controls people can trust Read the complete article If you [...]

Dynamic Search Ads – Going Beyond Keywords

Keyword Based Google Adwords Campaign If you have Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) as one of your marketing strategies to reach your customers online, you probably are aware of few inconveniences in setting up and managing the campaign: Keyword Research and the tedious process of building keyword list for different ad groups. Often, you may be missing keywords that are relevant to your business Keeping track of long list of keywords and having to monitor the keyword list to manually make adjustments to optimize the campaign as needed Limitation on the length of the headline Lack of dynamic connection between your website content [...]

Using Analytics Data to Optimize Results of Digital Marketing Campaign

As the internet becomes a dominant platform for digital marketing, gaining a strong online presence is critical for any business. A great website not visited by many people is a waste of investment. In order to make sure that the website is driving targeted traffic, you must have a digital marketing plan in place and critical part of this plan is performance measurement. By using analytics data to measure the performance, you have control over ROI tracking for various goals that you have set for the campaign. Google Analytics ( is a free tool that provides you with in-depth analysis [...]

Search & Social Strategies for your business

How can you leverage search engine marketing and social media strategies to influence your online audience to stay engaged with your products and services? In this digital marketing world, there is a holistic approach to marketing, to get positive results that you  hope for. Having a easy-to-use, content-rich website, alone can not bring you results if it is not optimized to drive targeted traffic. Driving targeted traffic to a website which is very difficult to navigate, is not good enough either since visitors are going to bounce off quickly. It is a combination of conversion strategies that you implement in [...]