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Email marketing

Email marketing

Professional e-mail marketing from the experts in Dallas, Texas

If your a business owner in Dallas, Texas, wondering how e-mail marketing can work for you, contact Kriti Web Solutions today and learn about all the wonderful e-mail marketing campaign options we can assist you with. With the prevalence of social media, businesses may often brush e-mail marketing aside and forget about its importance while focusing their attention elsewhere.

E-mail marketing is an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It’s useful for:

  • Keeping in contact with current customers
  • Announcing new products and services
  • Rewarding customers with special discounts and deals (monthly, or on a special day like their birthday)
  • Share industry-related news with your customers

It isn’t necessary to use an e-mail marketing campaign solely for sales. Customers may feel you are coming across as pushy and too sales-oriented. Instead, you can use your e-mail list to share industry news or articles you think your customers may be interested in, or to send them a little note simply saying you appreciate their business.

E-mail marketing campaigns, done properly, is an effective digital marketing component

Getting to know your target audience and what appeals to them is an important step in developing your e-mail marketing campaign. Research shows that open rates for well-targeted e-mails are high and that customers appreciate receiving e-mails from companies they like. They may even go on to share the e-mail with friends, family and colleagues.

We recommend using a permission-based list for your e-mail marketing campaign, and an “opt-out” button is a must – always give the customer the option to stop receiving your e-mails. Our team can advise you on other digital marketing strategies designed to improve customer retention and increase e-mail open rates, and our e-mail marketing tools provide you with very useful statistics about your campaign in order to measure its performance.

Kriti Web Solutions is standing by and ready to assist you with e-mail marketing and other important digital marketing components such as social media marketingcustom web design, e-commerce solutions and more.

To learn more about how e-mail marketing can work for you, contact the pros in Dallas, Texas today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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