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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

How mobile marketing apps help the General Contractor Industry in Plano, Texas

Kriti Web Solutions in Plano, Texas is proud to announce the new mobile marketing app to help our clients in the General Contractors Industry. This app caters to real-time project management needs in the service industry.

Mobile apps are software programs that you can download onto a smartphone, tablet, or other handheld device. Many businesses develop mobile marketing apps as part of their mobile marketing strategy, and mobile apps are often free.

How does our mobile marketing app for the General Contractors Industry work?

  • It’s a web-based SaaS model application developed to automate and track the workflow of any business that has a team out in the field (electricians, plumbers, cleaning crews, etc)
  • It allows a company to respond to a customer request with real time data on the location and availability of their field technicians
  • The mobile interface allows technicians to receive and perform job assignments including invoicing and receiving payments from the customer
  • Management is able to have a real time, bird’s eye view of their business

If this mobile marketing app sounds like it could be beneficial to you, call our team of expert consultants and talk to them about adapting it for your business. As mentioned earlier, having a mobile marketing app is a great component of a successful mobile marketing strategy and your customers will appreciate the convenience and real-time features.

For businesses in Plano, Texas who are interested in learning more about our mobile marketing app, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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