“45% of manufacturers said they are not sure how many leads convert on their website. (Source: NAM.org)”

Today’s economy is forcing you and other manufacturing businesses to go through a digital transformation, to reinvent themselves and be more agile. Your customers are engaging more with online content than ever before, and your target audience has evolved and is much more digital-savvy. These changes, along with many others, are changing the way your business needs to market and prospect.

Our latest on-demand webinar was put together specifically for manufacturing professionals like you. It examines the common challenges that manufacturing businesses are facing today and how digital marketing can ultimately help you increase your leads and sales.

This pre-recorded discussion brought together a panel of three digital marketing experts who have a wide range of experience working with manufacturing businesses. Here are some of the questions the panel answered and shared best practices on:

  • What are the common challenges manufacturing companies face today, and how can they derive new revenue sources using effective digital marketing tactics?
  • What are the typical “keys to success” and the “barriers to success” for manufacturers in digital marketing campaigns?
  • How can manufacturers make strides towards improving their website conversions?
  • What are the best ways for a manufacturing company to learn about their target audiences and define their buyer personas?

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