Who is a Sophisticated Marketer?

  • Someone who understands the fundamental, unchanging principles of marketing but has absolute confidence in applying these principles to new technologies & platforms. 
  • Hungry to learn new skills & equally committed to testing the effectiveness, optimizing around what works
  • Demand for robust data & ROI
  • Recognize Social Media & Content Marketing as threads that run throughout the integrated marketing strategies that are fundamental to the task of building brand and a growing business
  • They use hybrid marketing strategies to reach their goals, learning new skills along the way

LinkedIn Marketing

According to a Research released by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) in 2017, more marketers are finding success on LinkedIn than on any other Social Media platform. As world’s largest professional content platform, LinkedIn

  • Embodies the social and content combined
  • Enables you to target audience with precision
  • Allows you to tailor content to different audiences
  • Allows you to mix organic and paid activity
  • Build influencer brands across your business

LinkedIn has released updated guide to help Sophisticated marketer like you to stay on top of all the new features, tips and tactics to get more from the platform. This strategic guide helps you find vast opportunities for increasing awareness, influencing perception, driving high-quality leads and growing revenue.


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