Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

I recently had an opportunity to contribute to Digital Marketing Space blog post, to share my views on ways to Boost Brand Success in 2019. Digital Marketing space competitive than ever with many emerging trends and technologies. I welcome these challenges as a marketer, since these are making the quality of content better and more relevant to what consumers expect when they are browsing online. These changes can be overwhelming to business owners and hard to keep up, and stay ahead of competition. Keeping track of industry trends, consumer behavior and competition are some of the activities that marketers have to invest in, in order to stay relevant.

  1. Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Digital marketing strategies are most effective when they cover a range of diverse areas. What’s more, your strategy needs to be flexible; since algorithms and trends are always evolving, you’ll need to roll with the punches.

  2. Target Your Audience

    It’s not enough to know your audience well; you’ll also need to understand how to reach them. Want to target a local demographic but aren’t sure where to start? Kalpana Murthy of WSI has an excellent idea: “If you are targeting local market, watch out for the soon-to-be released local campaigns and discovery ads from Google. These are great additions to your marketing tool kit.”

  3.  Keep Voice Search in Mind

As technology continues to evolve and consumer behaviors start to change, it’s up to marketers to embrace emerging trends — even if they seem totally foreign. Voice search and AI-powered technology are growing in popularity with each passing month, which means marketers can’t shy away from optimizing for digital assistants and other tech.

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