One of the biggest reasons cybercrime is so prevalent is nobody thinks it can happen to them. Often, the low level of concern for cybersecurity stems from some common misconceptions about cybercrime.

This myth among small businesses “We are too small. We have much bigger competitors. They’ll get targeted, not us.”

Let’s get these misconceptions out of the way right now. Whether you’re an individual with five pieces of information or a global corporation with 50 million, you’re a potential cybercrime victim. We all are, and it’s only once we acknowledge and understand how serious cybersecurity is that we can begin to properly protect our data and information.

We have put together an eBook to share:

  • few thoughts about cybersecurity that are unfortunately echoed by many eventual cybercrime victims
  • few ideas on how to stay proactive in planning against cyberattacks
  • few tips & tools you can use to protect your business & customer data safe

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