I come across business owners often with questions on how to use Facebook for business. You have a nice Facebook page, but struggling to make it to work for your business? Facebook Apps is one of the great strategies to promote your face book page. You don’t have to hire a developer to develop an app for you, unless you need a custom app. There are many apps already out there that might as well fit your needs.

What is the need for Apps on Facebook Page?

If facebook marketing is your social media marketing strategy, it is important to keep your prospects & clients engaged with interesting content. Whether it is about your product or service that grabs your follower’s attention or interesting information that you read some where else and worth sharing with your followers, people would appreciate your content and share with their network. Content can be coming from your blog, YouTube channel, twitter profile, or Pinterest. With content available on so many platforms, you want to implement an easy way to share them with your Facebook ?follower.


Facebook Apps for Sharing Content

Facebook apps are available for syndicating content from various platforms on your Facebook page, seamlessly. Once you install the apps & configure them correctly, apps will do the rest on your Facebook Page. You have to spend some time in research to find the right apps to align with your marketing goals to reach the target market.

Here is a great article from Social Media Examiner on how to use Facebook Apps for your business.

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