Google Ads Performance Metrics

Google Ads Campaign performance measurement is critical to the success of your campaign. This helps you track results, & fine tune the campaign for optimal results.

Here are the metrics you use to track how well your campaign is performing:

  1. Impressions – Number of people that viewed your Ad
  2. Clicks – Number of people that clicked on your Ad & visited your website
  3. Click Through Rate (CTR) – Percentage of people that clicked on your Ad after seeing it. Good Goal for the campaign is to keep CTR above 1%
  4. Conversions – Valuable actions customers take on the website after clicking on the Ad, form submission, schedule appointment, download eBook, make a purchase, etc.

In the early stages of your campaign, it’s key to focus on CTR and website engagement to make sure you’re attracting the right customers to your website. You can also connect your goals to data and track sales and conversions to monitor important actions.

Google Ads Action Plan:

Track your goals and review your performance with a few easy-to-find metrics in your dashboard.

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