What do Google Algorithm changes mean to your SEO and Online Marketing Strategy?



Google is wild about evolution and the latest Google search algorithm changes might feel a bit like being thrown to the beasts – although they have the deceptively innocuous names of Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, Hummingbird, and most recently BERT.

These shifts have altered SEO keyword research and the way companies conduct their online marketing strategies. More specifically, Hummingbird means that strategies must be active and focused on mobile and genuinely good content.

The tiniest of birds is the namesake of one massive shift for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fortunately, Kriti Web Solutions is always up for a challenge and we love the wilderness. Google is ultimately aiming to create a better experience for users, especially those on mobile devices. They are encouraging voice-activated conversational queries. As most of America already has some sort of smartphone or tablet with figures still set to soar, it’s a logical step.


Why you shouldn’t panic about Google algorithms?


While this is a critical change, it emphasizes precision. Google will look at the meaning behind words. If you request a restaurant close to “home” it might know where that is, and quickly provide you with an appropriate response. When it comes to your digital strategy, look at content rather than keywords. Keyword research is also pivotal. Repeating the same terms ceased being an intelligent tactic some time ago. No need to panic then!

People speak differently from the way they type. Verbally asking a device a question means more long-tail phrases. Focus on this in order to result in a more useful copy that accommodates those phrases.

Quality content is key, so be in-depth and useful. Our company has digital expertise and copywriting skill to help you adjust to the changes sprung upon us all. Our services are extensive and we specialize in online marketing.

What Google’s latest call to nature really entails is good content that is relevant to users and can be accessed across devices. For optimization, long-tail related keywords are important.

Contact us now to make use of our digital resources and services. We look forward to helping you make it through the wilderness.


Kalpana Murthy