Google Panda: a quick overview of what it means

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it?s almost impossible to keep up with all the changes to Google?s algorithms. Even SEO specialists can have a tough time determining how they?re going to make changes to their clients? digital marketing strategies in order to achieve (and maintain) top spots in Google?s search results.

During March and April 2012, Google made a number of changes that affected search rankings. Panda and Penguin were the latest changes. Here?s a quick overview of what these changes involve:


Google?s Panda changes aim to improve the quality of the search results that Google shows. If you?ve got poor or duplicate content on your website, you were probably hit by Panda?s updates.


As always, Google?s goal is to reward relevance by ranking pages that benefit users. Penguin?s goal was to target webspam, which mainly refers to keyword stuffing. Also, if you include keywords like ?Rolex watches? in a page about bed linen, you will also be penalized.

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