Digital Marketing Trends for Healthcare Businesses

We had very informative session with our partners at Google, presenting from California. Learned about changing trends and traditional business models to accommodate for the ever-changing consumer behavior in the health care industry.

Focus was on Healthcare industry and how the business model in this industry is challenged due to consumer demand to have access information NOW. Did you know average number of resources checked prior to a hospital visit is 12.4. So, it is critical for healthcare providers to reach right consumers at the right time.

We also learned that Video and Search are an indispensable part of today’s patient journey. Google’s mission is to make health information universally accessible and useful. Anyone in the world should be able to receive and consume important, top quality health information in an intuitive manner on any device of their preference.

Health Consumers Behavior

Health Consumers:

  • Want things now
  • Want to feel empowered with information
  • Want an easy

We are in a new mobile world. 88% of patients use search to find a provider, & out of those 60% use mobile for research. Mobile enables consumers to take immediate action, since they are able to find the location they are looking for near them.

Patients want to feel empowered. 60% of patients like to compare and validate the information their doctor gave, before committing to a treatment plan. If you are not available to them as their resource online during this research process, they are likely to find your competitor and use them for research.

Patients want easy experience during research. If you website is taking too long to load on their mobile or if you are not making it easy for them to find the information they are looking for, they go elsewhere seeking for help.

Health Videos are Critical

Online video viewership has exploded over the years. There are 3 billion health searches on YouTube alone. 56% of patients search for health related concerns on YouTube. There are 8.2B health videos on YouTube.

With these staggering numbers, you can not afford to not adopt Video content in your online marketing plan.

Type of Health Videos that patients often search for:

  • Treatment/Procedure
  • Symptom/Condition
  • Medical Technology/Innovation
  • Medical professional overview
  • Story from other patients with similar health conditions

Search + Video is expected to give you the lift and strengthen your brand by 53%


  • Grow your share of consumer intent through search to shape brand preference and purchase decisions
  • Understand most frequently asked questions around your brand and build useful content to address them
  • Make it easy for consumers to find you


If you are a healthcare provider needing help with your online marketing strategies, feel free to reach out to us.