Consumer behavior is constantly changing in the digital space. They ask for 24/7 access to information, to have options available to consider to make buying decision in shorter amount of time. Traditional business models in many industries are challenged due to this demand for readily available information by consumers.

According to statistics collected by Google, More than half of internet traffic is now coming from smartphones and tablets. 79% of consumers start their research on smart phones, 60% of the ads were viewed on mobile device, & 75% of adults start their research on one device and move on to multiple devices during their buying process, until the purchase is made.

As marketers, it is important for businesses to measure wide variety of interactions, based on their business needs. Understanding cross-device, intra-channel and multi-channel activity are major challenges faced by businesses today to keep up with change in behavior of consumers.

Google has been constantly evaluating tools to help marketers address these challenges and be successful in their digital marketing efforts.

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