Google+ has been picking up trend in the business community at a rather slow pace. To many businesses, this is just another platform they have to manage to get their brand name out online.

Implications of having a presence on Google+ for your business are significant. Google being the major search engine used by majority of consumers for searches, one cannot ignore the fact that Google+ was created to dominate search results above all social media platforms making it an extremely effective platform for achieving SEO results. So, if you have not already optimized the Google Plus page for your business, here are some tips that will come in handy.

How to Optimize your Google+ Page?

  1. Google+ Profile ? Use keywords that relate to products & services that you like to promote on this page in profile description & tag line
  2. Google Authorship ? Google displays information about the author in search results. If you consider to take advantage of this tip, & share author information in search results, you will need a Google+ profile with a good headshot as your profile photo. Refer to How to Verify authorship of your content?
  3. Complete your profile 100%. From Google+ you can add links to your other social media profiles. While you are adding these links be sure to use anchor text for labels
  4. Google+ is believed to be indexing the page that you share in the post instantly. Even though, many automated content syndication tools don?t have an option to post to Google+ pages yet, get into the habit of posting your content to Google+ page
  5. Google+ Posts ? Title of the post is very important. Use keywords in title tag that best represents your post. These correlate directly with rankings.
  6. As with any Social media profiles you have online, it is important to engage on Google+. Just having a profile does not do any good. Engage by
    1. adding members to your circles,
    2. posting useful resources,
    3. sharing & commenting on posts that interests you

Don?t be discouraged by the pace engagement in Google+. Stick with your Road Map to SEO success by following the content sharing and engagement regimen. People will catch on.