Blogging is another way of engaging your social media-savvy followers in a conversation, regarding a topic of common interest. This is also an effective way to build links to your website, if your blog is not hosted on the same domain as your website. If your blog is hosted on your website, it is even better. Now, blogging few times in a month, you are generating fresh content on your website.

With blog posts, you can share useful information regarding your products and services, and other resources which can be beneficial to your customers and prospects. With this approach, you become a source of information for your followers, and build credibility in your field of expertise. When it is time for your prospects to make a decision on a product or service in your industry, you will certainly be on the top of their list to consider.

There are various blogging tools available for you to use. Word press, Google’s Blogger, Blogtopsites, live journal, etc. I personally like word press. It is very easy to install and configure on your website.