Changes to Search Query Data in Google Analytics

In my previous post, I shared about what Google’s Hummingbird Changes mean for SEO. As we understand, Google’s goal behind Hummingbird roll out was to put emphasis on quality of content to improve search experience for Savvy search engine users. If you are used to looking at search query data in Google Analytics, Sorry to inform you that Google has removed this feature from Google Analytics, as a matter of privacy. You no longer can look at the search queries bringing traffic to your website. Google reports this traffic in (not provided) category.


Lack of Search Query Data reporting in Google Analytics, does not take away the importance of Keywords in your Web Copy. Keyword Research is still a critical step in writing Optimized Web Copy & in your overall marketing strategy.


Discover Long Tail Keywords for Your Business

There are several tools available for Keyword Research to Discover relevant and effective long-tail keywords for your business. Here are few creative ways to find those keywords, without having to solely rely on Google’s Keyword Research tool.

Once you have built a list of long-tail keywords, use them effectively in your web copy. Identify the landing pages for these keywords & incorporate these keywords in the areas that matter in search rankings

  • Title Tag
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Image Tags (ALT-Tags) &
  • Content that is Bold
  • URL Alias


Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding Hummingbird Algorithm & it has changed search queries, via our Digital Marketing Website.