Word of mouth, street corner gossip and graffiti have been spreading ideas since the beginning of civilization. In the modern day, social media networks have taken over. But the social media universe is noisy! To give you an idea – over?500 million tweets?are sent out daily,?some?100 hours of video YouTube videos??are uploaded every minute, and?some?4.75 billion?pieces of content are shared on Facebook every single day. And this, is just a small chunk of the entire cosmos!

The underlying message is clear -?sharing average pieces of content randomly in the social media world just isn’t going to cut it for your brand!?While there is no single magic formula to guarantee that your content will receive a million unique views, following a few key principles can increase immensely its chances of receiving maximum eyeballs, and perhaps even going viral!

Watch this video on “Five Social Media Content Ideas for Excellent Customer Engagement”, to standout in noisy social media universe!!