How to measure the results of your social media campaign

The dramatic increase in online traffic of recent years can be directly attributed to the introduction of social media. It therefore stands to reason that social media marketing is a useful and important tool in the digital marketing strategy of any business and it is important to measure the success of these social media campaigns in order to stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to measuring your social media success, it is important to have goals. Don?t measure simply because you want metrics, measure to determine what is successful and what is not so that you can alter your course in future.

How do you measure your social media success?

There are two types of measurements when it comes to social media. Ongoing analytics will help you get an idea of the general conversation of your brand and company over time, whereas campaign or event analytics have a clear beginning and end.

In order to measure social media success, you need to decide what your goals are and then from there you can create metrics (volume, reach, exposure) and decide what behaviors (comments, sharing, likes, retweets etc.) to track in order to determine the results.

Examples of social media goals

  • Engagement. Social media is all about participation, so look for metrics around comments and replies. Look at how many people are participating and how often.
  • Share of voice. This is directly linked to your success in relation to your competitors. Determine how much of the industry conversation is about your particular brand.
  • Traffic. If the goal is to direct traffic to your company website, then look at metrics such as URL shares, links, clicks and conversation. Also determine whether people participate once they are on your web page.

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