Why Do you Need Website in Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Whether B2B, B2C, non-profit, global or local, every business needs an online presence to reach potential customers online. A company’s website is its virtual storefront, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to recent survey by 1&1 internet, up to 40% of small-to-medium businesses don’t have a website to promote their products and services. ?

If you are not among the 40% & You already have a website, but not getting the traffic that you hoped for to generate leads and you keep wondering what it takes to have a great website that can become your inbound marketing machine?

Most important inbound marketing goals for the website are

  • to attract visitors researching on certain product or service ,
  • educate them on the problem that your product or service can solve and
  • convince them into buying

Why Inbound Marketing for Your Website?

Because of the shift in buyer’s behavior and complicated landscape, buyer wishes to consume information when they want and how they want without ?intervention from a human being. This drive to stay informed about product or service before buying is a good thing for marketers that are really able to provide expert advice on the problem and solution to the problem without being a pushy sales person. This makes?Inbound Marketing?the most non-intrusive form of marketing and results-oriented.

Website plays a crucial role in the success of a Inbound Marketing Campaign. You have buyers looking for information from various platforms such as search, social and mobile. Without a website it becomes impossible to drive them all to one common place to consume great content & generate leads and close those leads.

Strategies to have in place to attract visitors, generate leads & close sales:

  1. Get Found Online
  2. Design & Usability
  3. Content
  4. Conversion

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