Do you have the Support of a Trusted Partner for Digital Marketing

If you are like many small business owners, sitting at your Ipad or Laptop to work on the blog, or social media to promote your business is probably the last thing on your mind while you are busy taking care of your customer needs. Unless you have a resource who understands and can handle these tasks consistently daily, your brand presence online will suffer.

It is challenging to keep up with everything you have to do to:

  • keep your rankings on search engines
  • keep your social media followers engaged with relevant content
  • research and generate copy on topics that are trending in your industry
  • handle requests from the website & social media

Be Prepared With a Marketing Plan


Following is a small list of tasks you have to handle your marketing. It is not an impossible task if you plan it ahead of time and have a solid digital marketing plan. Here are a few tips on how can achieve your marketing goals, without getting frustrated:

  • Research your Target Market
  • Build your Buyer’s Persona (one or more depending on B2B or B2C)
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Design a Content Plan based on your Buyer’s Persona & multiple stages in their buying journey
  • Think about different formats of content: Blogs, Social media posts, eBooks, Case Studies, Infographics, Checklists, Webinars, Podcasts, etc.
  • Develop a marketing automation strategy to monitor buyer’s behavior and serve up relevant content when they are ready to consume the content until they are at the bottom of the sales funnel and ready to make that purchase
    • Signup for a Marketing Automation Software to execute the strategy
  • Measure the performance of your marketing campaign and optimize based on the results
  • Consult with a Trusted Partner for Digital Marketing

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