Mobile marketing today & how businesses are benefitting from this strategy

In 2013 the use of mobile devices increased dramatically due to the introduction of smart phones. Increases in mobile internet traffic now means that a good mobile marketing strategy is essential to the success of your business.

Mobile marketing is a crucial component of digital marketing as it allows businesses the opportunity to target their audience directly through advertisements and special incentives, as well as offering direct interaction through social media that caters specifically to the needs of your target market and keep your business ahead of competitors.

Business benefits of mobile marketing

It is a fact that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of them being sent ( meaning businesses now have instant access to their clients. This enables them to send information that is directly applicable to the reader and help to formulate a personal connection with clients.

Smart phones come equipped with Global Positioning Systems. Businesses will now be able to determine when customers are close and target them directly with incentives. This also benefits the SEO ranking of your business, as search engines such as Google take into consideration the location of the mobile device conducting the search. By optimizing your online presence, your business will show up in search results when users search for terms related to your business from anywhere in the surrounding area.

Customer loyalty is important, which is why mobile apps are also useful as these can be downloaded to smart phones and enable businesses to conduct surveys as well as send out advertisements and special offers to loyal clients. Mobile apps are successful due to their convenience and compatibility which is not always possible with web pages.

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