As the number of consumers owning smart phone has increased exponentially over the years, volume of searches over mobile internet has grown significantly. It is crucial for businesses to consider SEO in their mobile marketing strategies, to ensure that their web sites are found easily on mobile browsers.

There are a number of Mobile Browsers out there and they differ in their supported features. Different mobile Operating Systems support different browsers and some browsers only display mobile websites that are optimized. Refer to this list of Mobile browsers.

Mobile SEO

Here are some key factors that influence mobile SEO that can get your business maximum exposure in mobile search engines.

  1. First and foremost strategy in Mobile SEO is Mobile Friendly website. If Mobile website is not easy to navigate, driving traffic from Mobile SEO is not effective. Refer to Google?s blog post for tips on building mobile friendly website
  2. Stay away from the solution that reformats your main site for mobile phones, by running through third-party template based system. This solution does not take care of screen rendering for various devices and hence makes it very hard to navigate your site.
  3. Consider a fully optimized mobile site that provides key functionalities that are useful for users on the go. This makes the navigation of the site lot easier and provides much better user experience. This will help you with search engine rankings as well.
  4. Techniques to optimize mobile website for search engines are not very different from those you have used for traditional websites. You need follow basic guidelines of SEO such as,
  • Page Titles,
  • Page descriptions & headings
  • Keywords in headings and text
  • Outbound links
  • Search Engine Compatibility

However, due to limited screen size on smart phones, length of keywords used in mobile search is shorter. Google?s Mobile Keyword Research Tool allows you to set Mobile filter to list Mobile relevant keywords.

5. Generate Sitemap for the mobile site and submit to search engines. This helps in getting the pages indexed in search engine ? ?database.

6. Prevent using flash that cannot be displayed on iphones currently. HTML5 is expected to resolve this issue.


Mobile SEO is a very powerful strategy that you can adopt and leverage the power of Mobile Search to drive significant traffic to your website. Once you got the attention of Mobile User by displaying high up in search results, your options are many. You can engage the user with other integrated mobile strategies, such as social media marketing, & location based marketing. This helps build your brand in the Mobile world and in turn your online reputation.