How to Protect your Website Content with Copyright

An important facet of managing your online presence is protecting your online content. The internet makes it easy for your content to be found but it also allows for people to abuse this accessibility. However, there are simple steps you can take to prevent your online content from being used without your permission.

Copyright Notice

One of the simplest ways to protect your content is with a copyright notice.? Copyright protects all original works of authorship. This can include anything from literary works to computer software to musical compositions. An important thing to remember is that copyright does not prevent people from writing about your work, only from claiming it as their own. The copyright symbol is indicated by the ? followed by the authors name and year of publication. Having the notice displayed somewhere on your website is a good deterrent against unauthorized use of content. You can also register your copyright online for a minor fee. Online registration is not required, but it does provide extra benefits, such as good legal footing to pursue a lawsuit for content theft.

Rights statement

Along with including your copyright notice on your content, creating a separate page detailing the permission policy of your content is also a good idea. A permissions policy details what parts of your content individuals can publish with and without your permission. This policy will prevent people from contacting you about every usage of your content but still allow you to protect what you want.

Google Alerts

Google alerts will allow you to monitor mentions of your work across the internet check its authorized usage.

Implementing these simple steps can help you secure and manage your content online. Often content theft is not malicious and sending a simple complaint or request to a publisher will allow you to protect your online works as well.

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