Automotive Shopping Trends

Today’s auto consumers are Curious, Demanding & Impatient. There are 2X as many test drives on YouTube as there are on dealership sites. 

As an auto dealership owner, or marketer you have to make sure shoppers have seamless experience:

  • By focusing on shopper intent
  • By Measuring the impact of your ads
  • By Aligning your message

There are multiple metrics to consider lead conversion, in addition to form submissions

  • Phone Calls
  • VDP Page Views
  • Time on Site
  • Chat or Text Messages
  • Schedule Test Drive
  • Location Get Directions

According to recent research, only 26% of people who have purchased a vehicle in the past 6 months have actually filled out a form. Think about when the customers are researching and be there at the moment with the right content they are looking for. 

Google Advertising

Shoppers often use multiple screens from the time they start research until the time they make a purchase. You a a marketer can gain valuable insights when looking at their entire journey. There are different attribution models you can use to effectively measure the impact of your advertising:

  • Linear
  • Position-based
  • Time Decay

This video will answer lot of your questions about advertising best practices, importance of local search, shopper’s behavior & trends and much more, to get you ready for a successful campaign.

If you have questions regarding setting up Google Advertising campaign for your business, feel free to reach out us TODAY.