Why do you need to Level Up your Landing Pages?

The problem is most websites and landing pages are poorly constructed with little or no thought at all.  Unfortunately, businesses don’t realize that consumers do not read on the Internet, they scan. This means easy readability of page content should be a critical component in your design. Visitors pay attention to headlines, images and bullet points. They click in, take a quick peek, and click out. Those are the conditions in which business is conducted on the Internet. And when it comes to the landing pages you’re using to drive conversions for your online campaigns, you have to be even more strategic with how the page is laid out and reads to a visitor.

The Anatomy of a Landing Page that Converts

Good understanding of – the demographics/audience for your landing page, plays an important role in the design and successful conversion, when visitors land on the page.

  • Identify your Buyer Persona
  • Clarify your End Goal
  • Design your Landing Page
  • Call-to-action elements that convert
  • Measure, Split Test & Improve

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