A New Age of Content Marketing

Content may be freely available in an abundance of ways, but making a success of reaching your target audience requires a content marketing plan with a suitable budget and adequate resources in order to succeed.

The key to your marketing strategy is a comprehensive website that speaks to the needs of your customer or target audience. It is the home structure of your online business marketing objectives, which should only be filled with what is relevant for your audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative to your ongoing content strategy and can give you the edge in this new era of digital content marketing.

Tips for a Successful Marketing Strategy

It?s important to measure your business against industry standards, as well as your competitors. A clearly defined strategy can make all the difference between success and content consumption failure. It is estimated that 60% of B2C marketers and 54% of B2B marketers are increasing their spend in content.

Here are some things to think about when developing your success plan:

  • Review how well your content marketing plan is working for your business: Content engagement, analytics, competitive analysis, return on investment (ROI), content quality, as well as quality of seeding and paid content distribution.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy: A defined strategy allows you to take control of your marketing objectives. This needs to be integrated with your overall marketing communications or inbound marketing strategy, and independently defined. Define your competitive edge and set goals which link to your business and ROI objectives through analytics tracking tools.
  • Understand the customer and brand needs: Customer persona creation, customer journey mapping, content marketing matrix, editorial calendars, outreach analysis and value assessment analytics.
  • Make smart content marketing investments: Ensuring that your content quality is relevant, current and updated frequently. Make use of paid AdWords and pay for social media content distribution for more effective and targeted engagement levels.
  • Choose the best mix of in-house and external content resources: Content creation can be resourced in-house or out-sourced according to your needs. It merely needs to be of the best quality possible. Agencies with specialist tools and techniques can be very effective with content creation.
  • Investigate content customer value: Effective analysis tools which assist in defining your audience and determining informative data for your strategy development and content marketing matrix (measuring the relative cost effectiveness of different content marketing formats).
  • Set up and regularly review analytics data tools: This will help you to define the best content marketing KPIs for your strategy, goal values and calculating ROI. Qualitative feedback tools can also assist in reviewing your performance and making the necessary improvements needed.

A targeted approach is imperative in the ocean of content being consumed around the world daily. It?s all too easy for content to get swallowed up in the masses and be missed out on all together. A little spend can go a long way in putting your business on the digital map, so to speak. It?s important to get the balance right between content which is freely available and that which is paid for. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help to grow your business online.