According to a survey conducted from March 26 through April 5, by R2integrated (R2i), majority of marketing professionals and decision makers in the company, view social media as an essential strategy for promoting their products and services, even though they have not made any money using it. They do realize that they have to learn how to proactively use social media, before they can see profits from it.

Even with all the research data supporting the advantages of social media in viral marketing, many businesses block access to social media networks to their employees in their work place. This is only preventing them from engaging their customers and prospects with news regarding their products and services. There are ways to make social media work for your business, as long as you have put in place guidelines to follow for your employees on do’s and dont’s of conversing in social media networks and on how to proactively address negative publicity . Train your employees on these guidelines and encourage them to strictly follow them or hold them accountable.

If you need help with developing a social media kit with guidelines and policies for your business, do thorough research online and design the kit to fit your business or get in touch with us via email or on the web.