Sales techniques have changed significantly over the past few years, to adapt to the ever changing sales landscape. The days of sales reps knocking on doors to convince consumers are gone forever. Sales reps can only push information for consumers to educate them, & let them decide whether to buy or not. Being a salesman, if you can convince the consumer that you are the expert in the field and build trust that they are in good hands if they partner with you, most of the hard work is done. When they are ready, they will come to you!!

As we all are aware, consumers start their buying process, with online research. If you are not out there sharing content that can help them in this buying process, you are missing the boat. Whether you like it or not, as a sales person it is inevitable for you to build your digital footprint for and start building relationships on online platforms and engage your prospects with great content!! This new paradigm in sales is what we call Social Selling.

Watch this short Video on 5 key social selling fundamentals that will help your sales team to Unleash the Power of Social Selling & become innovative market leaders.


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By?Kalpana Murthy