Website Security ? What you Need to Know?

So you have a well-maintained, sleek website that represents your company to the outside world. What?s the next step? Well in this day and age, every website comes with security risks, and taking steps to secure your website is of utmost importance.

The web security of website is relative and depends on several factors. A website with more network resources of financial value and controversial material requires better security resources than a website that does not have these things. Analyzing the security of your website is the first step for securing it.

One comforting thing about website security is that most vulnerabilities in a website are known and can be countered with the appropriate steps. A majority of hackers out there are just copycats that use a known technique to exploit a website.

Only a small number of individuals are able to discover a new way to attack websites. These hackers mainly focus on high value targets and are not a primary concern of the average small-business owner. Your site is 1,000 times more likely to be exploited by one of the copycat hackers than by a new avenue of attack. The primary concern is to eliminate your known vulnerabilities.

Steps You Can take to secure your website

  • There are several options to maintain website security.
    • Keep software up to date. Older software has more security flaws for hackers to take advantage of
    • Having a strong password is another easy, but often overlooked way, to prevent unauthorized access.
    • If your users are submitting private information it may be prudent to use HTTPS. HTTPS is a security protocol that guarantees to users that nobody else can intercept or change the information they submit as it is being delivered to a server. This is important for any type of personal data such as credit card information or logins. Google will boost your website in the search rankings if you use HTTPS providing further incentive.
    • Regular Scanning. Tour website should be regularly audited for its security. There are many 3rd party services that can conduct this security scan/audit for you. These security audits run through a database of thousands of known vulnerabilities and provide a detailed report. Setting up a system for this is a final step for website security that can prevent your company from being targeted by malicious attacks.

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