What is an SSL Certificate?

When dealing with any sort of online transaction or exchange of information website security is paramount. An insecure website opens its users to having their information intercepted and stolen. To prevent this and create a secure connection from a web server to a browser, websites use small data files called SSL certificates. ?These SSL certificates bind together a domain name, server name or hostname with the company name and location. This ensures the legitimacy of the connection. When an SSL certificate is present the address of the website will contains the word https to indicate that information is securely transmitted.


How do SSL Certificates work?

SSL Certificates work using a concept called public key cryptography. Public key cryptography uses 2 long strings of randomly generated numbers, called the private key and public key. The public key is known to the server and accessible by anybody. When a website transmits information to the server it uses this public key to encrypt the message. However, the encrypted message can only be unscrambled with the private key that is isolated to the server. When a server receives information from a website it applies this private key. In this way, SSL certificates prevent unauthorized access of information. A hacker that intercepts messages to the server will be left with a code that they will be unable to break.


How do I get an SSL Certificate on my Website?

SSL certificates are issued from a trusted certificate authority. This includes companies like GlobalSign and GoDaddy. Browsers trust these companies to provide effective certificates that secure websites. Besides securing data SSL certificates boost google search rankings and increase consumer trust. If you have one are more sub domains for your website, consider buying a wildcard (*) SSL, that can secure all the sub domains.

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