Why you need a Website for your Business?

I often come across this question from business owners and marketers. Engaging your clients and prospects on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is a great way to market your business online. However, you don’t own any of these platforms. So, you are limited to syndicating content in the format in their guidelines. You don’t have control over how you present your content to the online world.

If you are small business with no store front, website is the face of your business. You are building your brand and credibility by showcasing your products/services, customer testimonials, & other great resources. If content marketing is one of the components in your marketing strategy, your blog is a critical piece in this strategy. By hosting your blog on your website, you are driving traffic from social media platforms to your website, which ultimately contributes to improved ranking in search engines.

5 Reasons Why you Need a Website

Watch this short video to learn about the importance of Website for your Business.


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By?Kalpana Murthy