YouTube is a great marketing tool for not only large corporations, but for small and medium size businesses as well. A great video about your products and services can go a long way in spreading the word to the target market. If your budget permits hiring a professional to create a great video, it is always a good way to go. However, even with a digital camera and some help from experts in creating video scripts, you can create a great video in-house and publish it on the YouTube channel dedicated to your business.

You can go an extra step by optimizing the video that you plan to publish, in order to leverage the video to improve the ranking and online presence of your business. By using the right keywords to optimize the video, your video can land on the first page of Google, within no time. So, it does not hurt to do some research on how to optimize video for YouTube or consult an online marketing professional to make the most of your video.

Another great advantage of incorporating YouTube into your marketing strategy is that you don’t need advanced technical skills or expertise to create and host the video. A short video of your product or service can greatly increase the brand awareness among online marketers and builds a strong online image. If they like what they see in your video, online shoppers come back for more and they are a great resource for marketing your products and services via viral marketing.

Based on the research data, YouTube is the #1 referring site for a lot of businesses to drive up sales with impressive conversion rate . So, if you have not already on board, it is not too late to start exploring your options on how to get started.