Google Panda & Penguin updates have resulted in many business websites significantly lose their rankings in search results. With these drastic drop in rankings it is realistic for businesses to set their expectation on how long it is take for them to rectify the search results rankings. They have to first identify the source of their problem, whether it is related to Panda (Content-related) or Penguin (Links related). Then they have to resolve the issues associated with this problem. However, there is hope for these businesses. While process of making their website Panda & Penguin-proof is underway, there is an alternative way to get to first page quickly. Businesses can leverage the power of YouTube as second largest search engine in the world.

YouTube SEO Process

According to emarketer.com, in 2012 digital video marketing grew at a rate of 46.5%. This growth is projected to continue at a steady rate in the coming years. Businesses can not afford to ?ignore these staggering ?numbers & not include videos, when they are laying down marketing plan for their business. Well Optimized YouTube Video can bring you first page visibility on Google in very short time.

YouTube video marketing works great if it is done right. Few basic steps to remember,

  • If the video is for promoting your products/services, keep the duration of the video short (2-3 minutes). This can be longer if the video is for a short tutorial or trianing
  • Take the time to write an effective script for the video. Include keywords that flow naturally throughout the script
  • Pay attention to the quality of the video. If you can afford it, hire a video company to produce a professional quality video. They can help you build the script for the video as well
  • Make sure you include Call-to-Action (Contact Phone Numbers, Email Address, Website URL, etc.) at the beginning & end of the video
  • Optimize the Video with relevant title, description & tags(keywords) when you upload to YouTube
  • Embed the video on your website for engagement
  • Share the video on other social media platforms that you engage your customers

YouTube SEO process in explained with simple step-by-step instructions in this video from Noble Samurai here.

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