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According to June 2019 Pew Research data, 81% of the US population use Smartphones. The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone, according to ZDNet’s study findings. According to Think With Google, 82% of mobile users depend on their smartphones for their purchasing decisions!

Mobile Search

So, the above data confirms that we live in the Mobile Era. Mobile technology and the convenience that comes with it, has forever changed the way people go on about their daily lives. Savvy mobile consumers have become more demanding & impatient. Their expectation of information rendered on their hand-held device is driving marketers to re-think their content strategy and be there for the consumers during these micro-moments. 

Your followers remain loyal to your brand as long as you are personalizing their browsing experience and helping them in their research and buying journey. The moment they find your website or mobile app hard to navigate, they are out-of-there and looking for a new vendor. So, it is incredibly critical to watch these behaviors and make necessary adjustments to your mobile strategies to remain on Top-of-mind with your valued consumers.

Micro-moments are critical touchpoints within a consumer’s buying journey. Examples of micro-moments are researching a product or service while waiting in the doctor’s office or watching demo videos before test-driving an automobile. These moments ultimately add up and define how the consumer’s journey ends.

Immediate Action: Consumers want the information when and where they want it in the format that is easy to navigate. Being able to find the right information along their micro-moments helps them move on to the next stage in their journey.

Demand for Relevance: When consumers are clear on their requirements and ready to take action, they want to do it quickly. They need useful & relevant information that can move them along in their journey, without any delay. Time is money. They are not wasting any on a website or app that is not helping them.

Loyal to Needs: If you are there for consumers, they are your best advocates and promoters. So, you must faithfully respond to their needs, so they remain loyal to your brand.

Smart Devices and mobile marketing strategies are one of the most significant opportunities for companies to connect with new and existing consumers, and grow their brand and generate positive ROI. Once businesses get the strategy rolling, this can be the most cost-effective way to reach a larger audience, local, regional, or national.

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