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Best Mobile Marketing Agency in Dallas and Plano – Kriti Web Solutions



The universal presence of smartphones today means that much of your online traffic is going to be coming from users on mobile platforms. In fact, a study found 75% of Internet users access the Internet through a mobile device. Having a mobile-friendly website is critical to reaching these users. The mobile accessibility of a website plays into its search engine rankings, determining whether your business gets one of the coveted spots at the head of the search listings.

Mobile-First Approach

What is the Mobile-First approach?


The Mobile-First approach is the design and development of websites primarily for mobile devices and later scale up to desktops. 

Until recently, the approach was Desktop First, where the websites and internet applications were designed and developed primarily for desktops and scaled down to make them also work on mobile phones! Mobile-First is a significant reversal in design philosophy.

The shift is because

  • nearly over 1.5 million smartphones enter the market every day
  • current day smartphones are equipped with as much computing power as that of desktops of previous years
  • marketers can reach their prospects and customers 24/7 on their mobile phones

While the Mobile-First approach has a severe limitation of the real estate (smaller screens), it forces them to be efficient and clutter-free in designing applications that are minimalistic with only useful elements on the screen!

Mobile marketing is crucial today for every business. Why?

  • Mobile advertising is expected to rise to 72% of digital spending by 2019
  • 80% of internet users own a mobile device
  • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy
  • Average mobile user conversion rates are up by 64% compared to average desktop conversion rates

Mobile marketing strategies are the next wave in staying connected with your audience. The penetration of smartphones and tablets into all facets of our lives means that potential customers are usually just an arm’s length away.

WSI’s mobile marketing strategy directly engages your audience, using targeted and responsive techniques to bring in customers. All aspects of your digital marketing strategy need to be adaptable to mobile platforms, and our consultants have the expertise to make it happen. This means websites, blogs, photos, videos, etc. WSI will create a customized marketing strategy to ensure that your customers can find your business any time and on any device.

Get in touch and learn how WSI can help your business.