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Marketing Analytics

“What Gets Measured Gets Improved.” – Legendary management consultant Peter Drucker.

Marketing Analytics

Modern Marketing Analytics has given today’s businessperson a wealth of new tools to measure, analyze, and improve metrics needed to understand and run their business. The metrics help businesses to monitor what is impacting their businesses and take proper action to adjust the course to achieve their business goals. 

Well-run Marketing Analytics can help businesses to realize a high Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is a complicated piece of data to obtain, but its importance cannot be overstated. Powerful new platforms and digital marketing analytics now make it possible to determine the ROI of your digital marketing activities. These online metrics allow you to get precise data on your customers and track user engagement. You can then use this data to improve your digital marketing strategy and determine where your money is best spent to get the maximum return.

Setting up a system that can track and measure the key metrics relevant to different data points of the buyer’s journey can provide your marketing and sales team a lot of insights. These insights offer a wealth of information to your Marketing and Sales departments and make it easy to help them understand your customer journey and move them to the next stage. 

Compete Digital Strategy Market Analytics

There has been an explosion in the amount of marketing analytics tools and programs out there. With marketing analytics, you can track the actions of your users and tell what they are clicking on and what they aren’t. Insights gathered about your website allow you to improve your website design and efficiency continually. By focusing on features that are bringing in user engagement, you can make a website that better caters to your clients. With the improvement in technology, these tools are only getting more accessible.

WSI believes marketing analytics is a must-have tool for a business today. Companies today are just beginning to realize the power of online analytics. A recent study found that CMOs spend nearly 5.5% of their budget on marketing analytics, and this percentage is projected to reach 18% by 2021. More than 72% of companies utilize some market analysis to power their business decisions. However, it can be difficult for even the savviest marketers to understand the data they get. Our experts will help you analyze the digital trends you see and turn them into strategies to increase your revenue.

WSI knows the game of online marketing. We have decades of experience and an extensive network of consultants that are ready to build your brand. Today’s technology brings with it opportunities like never before. Businesses can engage with customers on a much broader scale than previously possible. WSI can help you capitalize on these powerful and innovative new technologies to grow your business.

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