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According to June 2019 Pew Research data, 81% of the US population use Smartphones. Average Americans spend over 2 hours every day on Social Media, according to a Feb 2020 Statista report. This is a significant change in the last couple of years.

Social Media
Social Media

So, the change in consumer behavior and their buying habits have forced businesses to use new ways to connect with their customer base to generate revenue. Being able to meet the prospects and clients where they hang out using modern tools and technologies has given a lot more opportunities for businesses to engage their prospects and customers. 

Businesses being Socially active helps them in personalizing marketing messages, building a meaningful relationship with their customers, counter their competition in branding & lead generation, and influencing their customer decisions.

Social Media is a way to connect with potential customers, build valuable relationships & engage in conversation that matters to your community. Whether you are in business to serve other businesses or individual consumers, social media creates an opportunity to communicate with customers in new and meaningful ways. If you get this right, you will have viral campaigns across social media, with engaged customers advocating for your products & services. 

The Engagement and Excitement that you build on Social Media around your brand by telling stories that can relate to your followers’ challenges in life is invaluable.

Having a solid content strategy is key to the success of your social media campaign. ‘Engineering’ content that helps you connect with the consumers at various stages of their buying journey that will be shared across the internet will get you closer to your goal. There are techniques experienced marketers at WSI can help you with to create a ‘viral formula’ that more likely to generate meaningful conversation across the network.

The Abundance Switch

WSI is a full-service digital marketing agency, offering a suite of services that are well-coordinated and designed to help you tap into new growth and brand-building opportunities on social platforms. We help you create a comprehensive content plan that creates synergies between these services and drive real power – playing off one another, further personalizing, and amplifying your message to reach a broader target audience.

WSI Social Solutions


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