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Social Media Management and Marketing Company in Plano and Dallas – WSI

Social Media Marketing refers to a marketing strategy that targets social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to create awareness of product & services, build the brand, generate leads, and create a following.

Social Media campaigns generally involve retargeting, personalizing the marketing messages to the targeted prospects, and creating marketing content that can be shared to create engagement among the following fans.


Why do businesses need Social Media Marketing?

The meteoric rise of social media networks has provided an explosion of opportunities for savvy businesses to market their products and services. With over 80% of the US population using Smartphones at an average of 2 hours every day on Social Media, the ability to reach the prospects and customers has never been easier!

Social media enables businesses to maintain an unprecedented level of contact with their customers and prospects, allowing for rapid communication and engagement. Social Media and mobile phones help provide continuous cross-device communication with the target audience.


WSI’s approach to social media marketing is aimed at fostering a connection between your business and its consumer base. Our consultants will teach you how to take advantage of social media to increase the exposure of your business. By getting your clients to interact with you on social media, you, in turn, become visible to others in their network.

Our approach to social media marketing is to create a meaningful connection between client and business. The social media arena puts you one step closer to the consumer, and WSI will help you use our insights to best leverage this position. There are over 4 billion social media users in the world on a variety of platforms. There have never been more ways to get connected to your customers, whether it is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. Our consultants will build you a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that will draw in leads and best utilize your network.

WSI will help you create engaging, shareable content that raises your profile in the local and global markets. Social media is a way to broadcast your business to the world with little cost. A social media expert can increase the exposure of your business drastically. Our consultants will help you make the most of your budget and teach you techniques to keep your customers engaged.

Social Media Marketing is done using websites and Social Media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Social Media Marketing is popular, effective, and efficient. Marketers and prospects can interact in real-time. So, marketer’s ability to reach huge targeted prospects in real-time to create brand following and engagement makes this a very efficient marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Low Cost & High Flexibility (lead generation and/or branding)
  • Unlimited access to consumers. Marketers can reach consumers 24/7 since consumers carry their smartphones with them everywhere.
  • Abundant opportunities to follow consumers across multiple platforms and influence them through various stages of the buyer’s journey using modern technology.
  • Easy and cost-effective ways to track and monitor SM campaigns. In addition to platform-specific tools, dozens of third-party tools are also available to track, measure, and report the campaigns’ performance.
  • High conversion rate – 68% of 18-to-34-year-old social media users surveyed were at least somewhat likely to purchase after seeing a friend’s post.
  • Opportunities for viral marketing! It has never been so easy to crowdsource marketing to your clients and influencers.

Marketing is about getting the right message across to the right audience at the right time. 

Visual content is one very effective SEO strategy. A prime example is YouTube. With over 3 billion searches per month and more than 5 billion views per day, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube allows marketers and entertainers to connect and engage prospects and clients with targeted messages. Having appropriate video marketing content is crucial for increasing user engagement and conversion.

TikTok is another reasonably new platform for video shares and is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. 

These platforms may not fit all brands and content, but if they are leveraged correctly, they can have a major effect on your marketing success.

It depends. Along with knowing who your customers are, you also need to know where they are most likely to be present. Statistics show different Social Media platforms are popular among different demographics. For example, there are more young people on Instagram compared to Facebook, a higher percentage of college graduates on LinkedIn compared to other Social Media platforms, and a higher percentage of male users on Twitter (66%). So, knowing your buyer persona (age, gender, education, income level, etc.) and understanding their favorite social media should narrow down the platforms you should be marketing on.

Your Social Media campaigns should improve social signals in raising awareness of your brand, building brand loyalty, and increasing the reputation of your product & services among peers. Search engines use these social signals as one of the many factors in their SEO ranking.

Yes. Both B2B and B2C businesses can use Social Media to provide useful content about their industry, products, and services and create educated consumers. 

Both B2C and B2B businesses can encourage consumers to create user groups and talk about upcoming products to create buzz and generate excitement in the marketplace. But the tone and the style of how B2B and B2C businesses go about this may differ. B2Bs may prefer a more professional subtle marketing while B2Cs can go with the trendy ways that fit their consumer persona.

Marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. You may occasionally get lucky when some campaigns or ads go viral but in the long run, it’s the consistency in messaging, and the discipline in engaging the prospects and clients with quality content that is the key to success.

If you have the resources and the budget, paid ads can return quick results in weeks. Sustained growth needs to supplement the paid ads with organic content with regular posts providing useful content to the prospects and clients.

Engagements, Shares, Downloads, Sign-Ups, and traffic are some of the measurable aspects of Social Media. Based on your marketing objective, compare the difference in these aspects’ improvements since your campaign started and how much money you’ve invested. 

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter have their Analytics that provide the ability for marketers to track and measure the performance of the campaigns. Also, there are third-party tools like HootSuite, ZohoSocial etc. that can track and report from multiple Social Media platforms in a single dashboard.

Using these tools and keeping track of conversion rate, engagement per post, clicks on each post, impression, reach, and audience demographics, etc. helps you manage ROI on your Social Media marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Retargeting is the process of re-engaging your recent website visitors on other trackable platforms. After the visitors leave your website, they’re generally followed and lured back to your site with advertisements or offers on platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Retargeting website visitors on Social Media platforms is one of the many successful digital marketing strategies.

  • Spamming – it is a good idea to get in front of your prospects but avoid frequent posting. It is OK to post 2-3 tweets every day but avoid multiple postings on LinkedIn every day.
  • Inconsistency – Messaging needs to be consistent with your brand, service, and the demography you serve. Deviations from this may result in the wrong outcome.
  • Same content on multiple channels – different platforms are designed to appeal to diverse demography, and people on those platforms consume content differently. Pay attention to those details.

Yes. There are tools like Google Data Studio, which can connect to dozens of data sources from multiple platforms and report data in a dashboard format.

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